SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

SSCU Trench Wars - The Free Online Multiplayer Spaceship Game

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Elim Season 6 Begins!  [ Jan 12, 2016 ]

Elim rankings have been reset, ushering in Season 6.

There's been a big change to the way the ladder is calculated. "Confidence" has been incorporated into the rating system, which means that the more games you play, the more confident the bot becomes of your rating. Players now have a Base Rating (roughly equivalent to the old rating, with some minor tweaks, including incorporating number of games won vs games lost), and a Ladder Rating. Ladder Rating is just Base Rating multiplied by Confidence. You'll need to play a full 400 games before Confidence reaches 100%.

This means that being a top ladder contender will require you to play a large number of games and do consistently well, better reflecting actual skill, rather than a lucky (and short) run. As in prior seasons, after you have a combined 300 kills/deaths, you will be laddered. Now, however, the bot will PM you after every round to notify you of your ladder rating change, as well as base rating change, total games played and ratio.

We hope this will provide a long-overdue balancing to Elim's ladder, and with a bit of luck, reignite some of the past competition. In the future, look for a new elim map with practice areas that you can play in while waiting for the next match, as well as a possible late entry into running elims.

NOTE: there are bound to be bugs. Please ?message qan if you notice any problems.

Elim discussion on forums: TW Forums

by Beasty


 Public update  [Jan 12, 2016]
 New Head of TWD + Changes  [Dec 20, 2015]
 Hostathon Winner  [Nov 10, 2015]
 Weekend Event November 6-7  [Nov 03, 2015]
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TWL Season 21 winners!

TWLD: Force
TWLJ: Cobra
TWLB: Cobra
 2.iron survivor1125
Spider:1.trasher1068 hazuki1066
1. attacks 444 151 313
2. absent 413 38 54
3. lasenza 406 19 23
 Base ElimRatingWinsGames
1. soz3 457 113 141
2. riksa 450 91 133
3. commodo 440 66 142